Benefits Of Vaping

But first the exercise will have to be explained briefly. This is for all readers who are entirely new to the, perhaps, less than regular habit of vaping. This is because evidence has come to light that die-hard smokers have managed to curtail their habit after ditching their harmful tobacco, nicotine and poisonous chemicals and tar. They finally saw the light. No more Russian roulette for them, rather a life-giving habit as compensation for an extremely harmful habit that is extremely difficult for a majority of regular smokers to give up.

Never mind just curtailing the habit, how about eliminating it altogether. This is good news for those of you who wish to give up smoking altogether. There is evidence that goes to show that people wishing to give up smoking altogether have been able to utilize the practice of vaping and gone on to give up smoking altogether. It may have been necessary for them because they were habitual or chain smokers for most of their lives. So, their lungs need a rest. It needs a chance to recuperate and become healthy again.

The evidence has also shown that regular or conventional smokers who took up electronic cigarette smoking (another term for vaping) have been able to greatly improve the health of their lungs. Many habitual smokers are not quite ready to give up their nicotine fix. Many eliquid solutions come equipped with a nicotine content. But the nicotine content is a lot less than that in tobacco cigarettes. Also, there are no chemicals or harmful poisons included in e-liquid solutions.

Interestingly, while many folks have used the habit of vaping to give up smoking altogether, many trendy folks, who, in essence, never smoked before, have now taken up the trendy habit of vaping. This is a practice that these trendy folks only take up on rare occasions for recreational and relaxation purposes. For many of these new trendy smokers, the practice of vaping is nothing more than a social occasion. The hookah pipe gets passed around and is shared.

No matter what category of smoker you are, the damaging effects, if any, are far less than would have been the case had you continued to smoke tobacco. Lung health improves due to the reduced nicotine content. It will improve even further if you source e-liquid solutions that contain no nicotine at all. You could just say that this is a clean habit. Compared to conventional smoking, it certainly is. For one thing, you are no longer using disposable lighters. You are no longer contributing towards carbon content because you are no longer emitting fumes from fire and poisonous chemicals.


No fumes are let off when you smoke electronically, or vape. So, you can smoke in the company of others who despise smoking altogether. Or should that be; you can vape in the company of others without doing any harm to their health. No secondary smoke is being passed on to others.